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Education – The Ladder Out Of Poverty

March 26, 2014

A report released by the Associated Press, July 23, 2012 shows that poverty may be the worst it has been since 1965. The premise of this article is to suggest strategies to attack poverty with education as the focus.First, there appears to be a disconnect with a significant number of our youth concerning their future and the value an education has in their quality of life. They must be redirected from dropping out of high school. And if they drop out, enroll in a program to receive a diploma and at a minimum, vocational skills training.Although, a degree or certificate is the goal, in the process of that attainment, a set of positive values are being established. In addition, a belief in one’s ability to succeed based on past successes. This is a process that has moved many off the welfare rolls and on to the tax rolls.The basic idea behind raising the quality and amount of education and training received by people on the bottom, they will be able to earn more, and thus the...